ABOUT 14:6


How it all started

14:6 Records was a concept that was conceived in a prison cell by founder Jason Martinez while incarcerated at Maxwell AFB Prison Camp from 2009-2012. The idea of a record label was something that Jason always dreamed about but didn't become a reality until confronted with the Holy Spirit and his ministry calling while locked up. Prior to his incarceration, Jason was a professional musician that traveled and performed all over Florida. Before giving his life to Jesus Christ in 2007, Jason was living for money and worldly desires. After graduating college from the University of South Florida (USF) in 2005 with a degree in Computer Science, Jason started a mortgage company with a few college friends. MM Financial became a large mortgage broker business in Tampa Bay and also diversified it's assets by investing in real estate and new construction. With over 20 loan officers and hundreds of closed mortgage loans in the pipeline, everything came crashing down when the real estate bubble burst in 2007.

MM Financial started to financially crumble due to it's large investments in the real estate market. Jason became very depressed and didn't know where to turn. In late 2007 Jason turned to God for the first time and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. He immediately joined the local church and started serving in children's and youth ministry. He would soon learn all the popular worship songs and began to lead worship for the youth. Everything seemed like it was moving in the right direction until he received an untimely knock on the door from the FBI in mid 2008. Jason would soon learn that he was under investigation by the FBI for several transactions that took place while he was operating MM Financial. Jason immediately started praying and was led by the Holy Spirit to cooperate with the FBI and turn himself in. Facing up to 7 years in a Federal prison for millions of dollars worth of mortgage fraud, Jason was sentenced to 3 years by the grace of God.

While incarcerated God used Jason in the prison system in a mighty way. Jason enrolled in a bible college and started pressing into the word of God like never before. Jason led several weekly bible studies for inmates and also served in the prison church worship team. He also teamed up with several other Men of God including John Smith, the founder of Broken Chains Conference. While incarcerated at Maxwell AFB Jason was led by the Holy Spirit to prophesy for a new inmate who just arrived on the compound. This inmate was distressed and didn't know what to do. Jason prayed over him and prophesied that he had a calling of Evangelist on his life. Immediately the inmate fell to his knees and gave his life to Jesus. This inmate was Jacob McGowan of The New Nature. The Lord also led Joey Dunlap to Jason while in prison and Joey started to attend Jason's weekly bible studies.

During the last year of his incarceration Jason really started to hear the voice of God for the first time in his life. He would spend so much time in fasting and prayer along with living and consecrated lifestyle, Jason was able to hear the voice of God very clearly. Jason started recording everything the Lord told him. It was at this time that The Lord referred to Jason as "prophet". Shortly after the vision for 14:6 became a reality while taking a bible college course aimed at discovering and verifying your ministry calling. Jason realized that God had gifted him with a talent and passion for music and live performance. He realized that he could use this ability to reach the youth for Jesus Christ. Upon his release from prison Jason began to build the ministry of 14:6 Records where he plans to evangelize the youth by the power of the Holy Spirit.