Christian EDM Group ‘The New Nature’ releases ‘What?! (Vocal Remix)

TAMPA, Fla., Dec. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The New Nature has just released a powerful new vocal remix and music video for their popular instrumental track 'WHAT!'. The group exploded onto the burgeoning Christian EDM scene this past year after self-releasing a handful of instrumental EDM tracks and music videos that drove over 350k views on their YouTube channel. The positive response to that first wave of music motivated the group to produce a string of new vocal tracks with lyrics inspired by their passion to share the word of God with fans worldwide.


Founder and lead singer, Jason Martinez, describes his vision for the group's future music as follows, "We're taking a strong step forward with the goal of creating a music-driven Ministry dedicated to inspiring others by stepping back with deeper reflection on the power of God's word." The group's most popular instrumental track 'What!' served as a joyous, musical expression that perfectly embodied their celebration of living with Christ by their side. Martinez added, "We will always have big, instrumental EDM bangers in our rotation of songs. But our new tracks featuring vocals contain very personal, emotional lyrics that reflect our attempt to answer questions about the sacrifice required to live happily in service of God." In addition to dropping new music today, the group has produced a diverse slate of Ministry-themed video series that will begin launching on YouTube in the upcoming weeks- with the intention of humbly expanding their overall musical testimony across multiple media platforms in the next year and beyond.The backstory behind The New Nature's formation is truly an authentic testament to the forgiving power of Christ's love. The current incarnation of a group blending musicians and preachers first materialized while several members were incarcerated at Maxwell Federal Prison Camp in Montgomery, AL. Their mutual passion for music, strong desire to put their sinful pasts behind them forever and willingness to be born again in Christ ultimately laid the foundations for future song lyrics and sermons. A perfect example of such lyrical inspiration can be heard in their new 'WHAT?! [Vocal Remix]' and music video, both reinforcing the answer to the burning question, "What is the New Nature?"

The New Nature is a Christian EDM group from Florida currently signed to 14:6 Records. The New Nature delivers hard hitting EDM tracks coupled with hip-hop vocals and an electric live performance that mixes testimony in-between songs. But The New Nature is not only about the music. It's a movement and music-driven Ministry dedicated to radically changing lives from the inside out by embracing and preaching the power of the Holy Spirit.


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