Young Bliss is an up and coming Christian Hip Hop Artist who is proud to wear the "Evolution of Gospel Hip Hop" label proudly. Born in Broooklyn NY in 1989 as Bernard Wilson, Young Bliss was adopted at age four with his brother Buddy. Bernard spent his early days involved in the middle and high school band playing the trumpet and baritone. The band was a great creative outlet for Young Bliss to grow as a musician and performer. During his sophmore year in high school, Young Bliss moved to New Orleans in search of a better education system from public to Catholic school. The transition to the new city proved to be a good move as Young Bliss began to flourish in his new environment with his brother Buddy. Perhaps what sparked his interest in rap and hip hop music was his brother "Buddy Lucheano" who was known for battle raps around the city of New Orleans at the age of 16. While his Young Bliss's classmates were writing book reports and essays, the aspiring young rapper found opportunities to write song lyrics and showcase his talent by battle rapping in the locker rooms. Going under the name of "B-Rob", it wasn't too long before Young Bliss earned a reputation for rhyming clever lyrics over catchy beats and writing powerful and artistic melody lines and choruses.

By the age of 17 Bernard aka B-Rob booked a studio session and recorded his first song with brother Buddy entitled "My Buddy". After the succesful release of the debut track "My Buddy" Bernard started working on his mix tape "Swollen Dreams". Although the mix tape was never officially realeased, it featured several artists including rapper "A.R." who is currently and up and coming hip hop star from Baton Rouge. With hopes of a future in the music industry and being discovered by record companies who could help futher his career, Bernard sets his sights on live performance showcases. In the fall of 2013 Bernard books a live perforance showcase at the "House of Blues" in New Orleans. Due to his early palcement on the perforamnce roster D-Rob found himself playing to a small crowd but made the decision to the give perform the set with all the energy and enthusiasm he could muster. The showcase went extremely well and resulted in some important local and industry contacts. Not allowing the fire to burn out, Bernard continued his streak of live performances appearing in "open mic" sessions in local bars in clubs. Due to the success of D-Rob's appearences, Bernard joins "Young Skillz", "Dex B", and "Dizzy Drew" and forms urban hip hop group "Swollen Dreams" and performed several venues in the local area. Bernard was certainly on the track for success!

Bernard's life took a change in direction after a family devastation that would lead him to live in a group home away from his family and friends. Prior to his stay at the group home, Bernard spent six months in a hospital due to family trauma. This was a very difficult and trying time for Bernard as he wrestled with forgiveness and truth, and during this stay he became depressed and was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. After being diangnosed by the doctors, Bernard begins to seek The Lord for answers. Making the decision to hear from God, Bernard decides to pray and read the bible day and night. But it wasn't until one night around 12am that Beranard would have a personal encounter with God that would begin change his life. While watching late night TBN, Bernard receiced a prophetic word from televangelist Mike Murdock urging him to act in faith and walk in obedience, and how God would divinely remove any hindrance that would cause him harm. Bernard woke up the next morning to find out that his biological mom had died. This puts him in a deeper state of depression and he begins to seek God even harder.

In 2014 at the age of 24, Bernard has a spritual encounter and is attacked by evil spirits that causes him to turn to alcohol and cigarettes. It is at this time that Bernard goes all in with God and makes a promise to serve Him all the days of his live with his music and talent in exchange for salvation. Immediately God responds by sending the Holy Spirit, and Bernard accepts Jesus Christ as his personal Lord & Savior. God them empowers Bernard to gain victory over the spiritual attacks and changes his name to "Young Bliss". Equipped with the power of The Holy Spirit and to honor the vow he made with God, Young Bliss begins to write praise and worship and spiritual warfare songs. Young Bliss ends up writing and recording several Gospel Hip Hop songs and posts them to Souncloud. Shortly after the songs get the attention of Christian Record Label "14:5 Records" and Young Bliss gets signed with a single deal for hisGospel Hip Hop Anthem "Lord & Savior". Record label founder and frontman of "The New Nature" Jason Martinez describes "Lord & Savior" as "evolutionary" and "spirit-filled" and an important piece to the re-emergence of the ever changing Christian Rap/Hip Hop game. Young Bliss is a definite asset to music ministry evangelism and the spiritual kindgom of God!